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If the Flight of the Conchords and Zach Galifianakis had a gay lovechild, it would be NYC's musical comedian Ben Lerman. Lerman is a rising star of the New York comedy scene, playing at all the top New York comedy clubs and theaters like Caroline's, Gotham, Comix, and The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

Ben plays colleges, theaters and festivals across the US and UK. His career has been propelled by appearances on Logo TV, Here TV, and Sirius  Satellite Radio, where he is recurring guest on the Frank DeCaro Show. He's become a regular guest on "Keith & the Girl," one of the most popular independent podcast in the world with more than a million downloads per month. In 2010, podcast fans voted him "Best New Guest" from among a pool of amazing comedians like Marc Maron and Ted Alexandro.

Armed with his wee ukulele, powerful voice, and twisted point of view, Ben gets huge laughs because his songs have real emotion behind them. From a pirate love story to a lullaby for crazy people, Ben's songs point to the humor in all of our lives and relationships, and in the world around us.

He's great in the college setting. Without becoming a one-dimentional stereotype, Ben writes from his personal experiences, touching upon universal truths, and broadening a college student's ideas about what gay people are like. He's down-to-earth and approachable, accessible to gay and straight audiences alike. His affable nature and playful wit have made his live show a perennial hit in Chicago. After praising his music and comedy, Time Out Chicago raved, "Lerman's stage presence is his best asset."

Visit www.benlerman.net.

Ben Lerman likes a melodic hook and an interesting chord progression. He also has a screw loose that makes him think of the most wrong-headed thing to say in any given situation. And then he says it. And people laugh. A lot. 

This is the road that has led Ben to this point in his life: musical comedian. Everywhere he performs people are more charmed than they should be by songs about genitalia, public humiliation or both. "Tiny instrument, big balls... Ben Lerman is so damn funny," said Time Out Chicago, about Ben's willingness to take on taboo topics. But he has a gentle touch with sensitive issues. One glowing reviewer wrote, "This isn't a show that sets out to offend--it's actually quite tender at points, and is, in a sense, good clean fun. Well, perhaps there's just a smattering of bondage, crystal meth and chubby chasers."

At the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Ben's show won rave reviews from Size Matters audiences and critics alike. Live, Ben is at top form. "Lerman is like a sought-after party guest--witty, generous, entertaining, and he never wears out his welcome... A real talent as a musician and lyricist." (NYTheatre.com) Even while he explores a painful love story, Ben never lets the vibe get too heavy. He also knows when it's time to drop a clever dick joke.





" Brilliant!

» » New York Magazine

" Sick & brilliant .

» » Timeout NY

" So  damn funny!

»»TimeOut Chicago

" Ben Lerman and his ukulele make one funny gay pair.

» » TIME OUT New York

" Ukulele player Ben Lerman tickles our funny bone with his big mouth and tiny instrument. Ben Lerman’s deadpan delivery [is] so damn funny... .

»» Time Out Chicago

" Lerman is like a sought-after party guest--witty, generous, entertaining, and he never wears out his welcome... A real talent as a musician and lyricist .


" 4 1/2 stars... extremely talented! Lerman's body of work, you see, is filthy: hilariously filthy, raucously bawdy, and, er... funnily dirty. He does get smuttier and gayer, but he also gets funnier and funnier, and he takes the audience with him .

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