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LZ Granderson says criticism of President Obama by the gay community has gone too far.

LZ Granderson has been named Journalist of the Year by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. He writes a weekly column for CNN.com, appears weekly on CNN Newsroom, has a cnn video blog and podcast and appears frequently on "CNN Newsroom", "American Morning" with Ali Velshi, "Newsroom" with Don Lemon, "Anderson Cooper 360", and on HLN. He's also appeared on ABC's "GMA" and is also a senior writer and columnist for ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com, and has contributed to ESPN's "Sports Center," "Outside the Lines" and "First Take." He is a 2011 and 2010 nominee and the 2009 winner of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation award for online journalism. Watch him on CNN Newsroom at 9:40 a.m. ET Tuesdays. Follow him on Twitter: @locs_n_laughs

Since April 12, Granderson has penned a weekly column for CNN Opinion focusing on how social and cultural issues affect the way life is lived in America today. 

LZ continues to be the #1 commentator in the Opinion section for CNN.com. Granderson’s article on clothing choice for little girls was the top story on CNN.com overall, generating 2.8 million global page views and 346,000 global video starts. It received 440,000 Facebook ‘recommends’ on CNN.com and on the Facebook fan page, the story received nearly 5,000 likes and comments.

Prior to joining ESPN first as a magazine editor and later as a writer, Mr. Granderson was a sports columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A member of the National Association of Black Journalists, Mr. Granderson was a Columbia University Hechinger Institute Fellow, and broke the Sheryl Swoopes' coming out story,   has  interviewed many sports greats including Terrell Owens, Dan Marino, Roger Federer, and David Beckham. He ignited an intense national community debate with his op ed piece, "Gay is not the new black" on CNN.com. HRC has identified him as one of the most distinct voices in the LGBT movement, and featured him in a national online conversation about race, sexuality and gender. Challenging journalists, in a recent ESPN piece he demonstrated that Hawaii coach McMackin's slur reveals a larger problem within sports media itself.

Mr. Granderson knows deeply the demands of being out from the initial interview, to making his corporate mark at a media giant on the front edge of change, but dominated by a jock culture and hyper masculinity.  In his commentary Mr. Granderson has tackled taboo subjects such as usage of the N-word in the black community, the presence of gays in the locker room, and the truths and lies about reverse racism. Blistering honest and insightful, Mr. Granderson spares no one. Not even himself.

Perhaps the most visible openly gay sports journalist in the nation, Besides breaking the Sheryl Swoopes coming out story in 2005, hed has been at the fore of the gays in sports discussion for much of his 15-year career, ruffling the feathers of liberals and conservatives alike with his matter-of-fact approach to that and other subjects But Mr. Granderson did not grow to become one of the most popular columnists for ESPN by being a one trick pony. The one time Detroit gang member has tackled other pivotal topics such as race, gender and politics. While other sports columnists may focus on how the game is played, Mr. Granderson focuses on who is playing the game, and who is watching them.

He won first place in the opinion writing category for the 2008 Excellence in Journalism awards given by the National Lesbian Gay Journalist Association for his article stemming out of his experiencing anti-gay slurs in New Orleans during NBA All-Star Weekend.

Lecture: Dare You to Move

Through humor and candid personal stories, ESPN columnist and TV personality LZ Granderson shares his journey from poverty, physical abuse and gang culture in Detroit to becoming the most visible openly gay man working in sports today. In his commentary LZ has tackled taboo subjects such as usage of the N-word in the black community, the presence of gays in the locker room, and the truths and lies about reverse racism. He spares no one. Not even himself.

Early LZ @ ESPN below, more recent LZ at both ESPN and CNN, see links on left.

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LZ was a keynote speaker at MBLGTACC '09@ Indiana University in Bloomington. the largest LGBTQQIA youth conference in the US, and was touted as the most compelling speaker in the history of the Reaching OUT MBA Conference (ROMBA).































" Amazing! If I could bring one speaker to Virginia Tech again, it would be LZ Granderson! .

» » Alison wood, virginia Tech

" I am very proud and pleased to see LZ Granderson telling his story and changing hearts and minds as a result. As a successful professional in the world of sports media, who happens to be gay and African American, his is a unique and important voice for all to hear.

By speaking about his compelling story, LZ is making a world of difference and living a life of authenticity for all to admire

» » Neil giuliano, Former glaad president

" ...wonderful speaker. LZ was our keynote speaker at OSU’s Lavender Graduation ceremony on June 13th. He was funny, charming, timely, very easy to work with, funny, and the students fell in love with him…oh, and did I mention he was funny? More importantly, he left the audience with some very important food for thought about coming out in the world, at work, to one’s family and loved ones, and the interconnectedness of all those acts and why they’re important to each of us.

We are very pleased LZ will be returning to the OSU campus for National Coming Out Week to conduct a panel discussion in professional and collegiate sports.

You’ll find his Wikipedia biography here, a partial list of his ESPN essays here, and one fan’s response to what is my all time favorite Granderson essay, here

» » Steven leider, Coordinator, Office of LGBT Outreach & services, Oregon State University

" LZ reveals the human side of what it means to be gay in sports. His honest and approachable commentary on what it’s like to be gay in sports is incredibly important. LZ has reached unlikely audiences through his work on television, radio, and online, and his voice in addressing homophobia is critically important to helping mainstream America understand that this is an issue impacting a wide array of people, and that they can be allies in achieving basic fairness for lesbian and gay people .

» » patrick guerrero, executive director, gill action