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On April 18, 2007, Erin Davies' Volkswagen Beetle was tagged with the words fag and u r gay on the driver's side and hood of her car in Albany, New York. Rather than get it fixed, Erin decided to embrace what happened by keeping the graffiti on her car for 1-year to evoke a dialogue with the general public about homophobia. People often think that homophobia-inspired attacks don't happen because they never see them. Not only did Erin want America to see them, she wanted help coming up with a solution, so she planned a 58-day cross-country trip in her car now known worldwide as the, "Fagbug" and produced an award winning film about the adventure. Erin now tours with her rainbow VW speaking at Universities across North America. She has already spoken at over 100 schools in 46 states (including Yale, Bucknell, University of Alabama, Texas A & M and Cornell) inspiring students to take a stand against bullying. She has been a guest on National Public Radio, has been featured on ABC News, Newsweek, BBC, and Vanity Fair, and has garnered sponsorships from Volkswagen of America and HD Radio. 

Check out the Fagbug trailer!

Key Themes

* Turning a negative into a positive, 
* Raising awareness about hate crimes & homophobia
* Following your intuition even when the outcome may not make you popular
* Reactions to the fagbug from across America, clips from the documentary
* Interviewing and having a dialogue with people of opposing viewpoints
* Overcoming obstacles in bringing a creative project to life
* Accomplishing goals despite fears and lack of resources

" Best Gay Car Movie of the Year .

» » Vanity Fair

" You’ll ?nd it inspiring to see how Davies transforms a hurtful event into a positive, life-changing experience and an opportunity for activism .

»»Candice Moore, Curve Magazine

" Homophobia's not just my problem, it's everyone's.  We all need to come together to figure out where this type of behavior comes from, who is teaching it and how it can be changed

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